Srila Prabhupada once said that America was a blind giant and India was a cripple with a spiritual vision. He concluded by saying that this merger of the two would save the world. Why not give a party spirit to this giant, by adding a Brazilian heart to it? This is the philosophy behind Brazivedas. Thank you for your interest . 

Mestre Beiçola


 Getting into shape has never been this much fun! Brazivedas offers extensive capoeira, music and dance lessons covering a wide variety of styles. We are based in a Home Studio in East Palo Alto, California and also offer classes in Palo Alto, Mt.View and San Jose. 


     Brazivedas offers a wide range of classes and instruction surrounding Brazilian Culture in all its beauty and variety. You will find classes in Dance, Music, and Martial Arts for all levels, genders, and ages. In addition to its core Brazilian focus, Brazivedas expands its scope to embrace other cultures and traditions. It has been particularly influenced by Mestre Beiçola’s studies and appreciation of Vedic spiritual philosophy. From this combination of philosophies comes the name and platform Brazivedas. The teachings of ancient Vedic culture inspired the name of our Capoeira group "Narahari" which means half-lion half-man in the Sanskrit language.

Classes Formations

  • Kids 
  • Teen & Adults
  • Kids & Family

  • Private


     Although Brazivedas offers a wide variety of classes, not every aspect of the rich Brazilian culture can be covered at every point in the year. However, in the case that a class you are particularly interested in is not being offered at the moment, it is possible to arrange for a private instructor to teach that class.  Brazivedas is committed to staying in touch with Brazilian culture and in turn allowing you to experience many aspects of a culture that is powerful, beautiful and unique.


     Most of ours instructors are Brazilian natives or have been involved with the art and culture for more than 10 years, which allows us to ensure the quality and expertise of our instruction.  In addition, instructors travel periodically to Brazil to maintain and improve on their knowledge and stay informed on the latest trends in every area.  Furthermore, native teachers often travel from Brazil to be our guest instructors, teaching special master classes or workshops.